Resident Evil 2 review: More than just a horror game

When you meet a familiar atmosphere of horror, it may not be exciting. But Capcom, who recreated the Resident Evil 2 , remained true to the first game released in 1998, adding huge pluses to its terrible and tense atmosphere. The renewal of the classic survival horror game Resident Evil 2 shows that the series can offer a unique horror experience.

In Resident Evil 2 , you also play as Leon Kennedy or Claire Redfield . Unleash hordes of epidemic zombies and other brutal monsters spreading in Raccoon City, both characters lead to a dangerous and nightmare world . Although the stories of the heroes progress in a similar line, in the same region, there are different supporting characters and unique challenges between them.

Resident Evil 2 Remake resident evil 2

Resident Evil 2 is more terrible, more tense

As Resident Evil classic; You are tasked to survive overnight and overcome puzzles by passing eerie creatures on the invaded streets of the city, the dimly lit corridors of the Raccoon City Police Station , underground passages. A reflex-focused mix that combines a simple survival approach inherited from the first game with newer games . Resident Evil 2 is a game that makes the tension feel good. Your resources are running low and more scary and more elaborate monsters than ever before. The pressure is always increasing as the story progresses and it feels a little more helpless at any moment. Even the smallest victories in RE2 sound like big wins, so you 'll find yourself in a more challenging challenge each time .

While those who played the original game have an idea of what they might encounter, much has been done in the renewed game to refresh some encounters and places. While many locations and designs are similar in Resident Evil 2 (except for a new region and monster), the events are new. Even if you are not afraid to jump from your place at the points you can imagine that they can happen to you, the search for a port to shelter is always on the edge of your mind.

Previous Resident Evil games are mostly known for their emotional aspects, but Resident Evil 2 has been reworked with a more serious tone for a more effective story. Although emotional aspects from the classics are still visible, the characters can reduce tension with their humor in place. The narrative of the new game is much more believable , and is backed by impressive writing and powerful performances that help convey pressure and despair. This is especially evident when silent scenes try to motivate them . Extra attention was paid even to the side characters in the game, such as police lieutenant Marvin Branagh and arms store owner Robert Kendo. I will also touch on these at the end of the article.

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Two characters, two different stories

In Resident Evil 2, both Claire and Leon have two different versions of the story , and after finishing the first one, you will be able to continue with the other. The second scenario allows you to see a bigger story from a different perspective. Both scenarios are completely independent from each other and the options in one do not affect the other. But what makes this progress worthwhile is different encounters and progress that are not in the first. An interesting way to experience stories is the weekly challenges presented . So you constantly reveal new details and events not found in previous games .

The more serious atmosphere of the Resident Evil 2 stands further enhanced by a fantastic presentation, refreshed with a sharper look and sensual details compared to the classic game . Also, the first game was redesigned with an over-the-shoulder angle, moving away from still camera angles. A more pronounced fear creates a sense when exploring. The perfect visual and sound design of the game envelops the chilling experience. While walking through the bloody and devastated dark corridors of the Raccoon City Police Station, you only need to illuminate the flashlight, while the sound of the rain and monster sounds from afar increase the tension. You will rarely feel safe in Resident Evil 2.

Resident Evil 2 1-Shot Demo resident evil 2
The impressive level of detail of the Resident Evil 2 Remake constantly draws attention, but especially in bad moments. Scary encounters reflect the approach from the classics with the same horror and sound effects. Moreover, it is supported by the visual wonders of modern rendering and animation technologies . As the zombies pose a constant threat from beginning to end, it's satisfying to see them smashed with serial gun shots as well as well-placed shotgun blasts. Although Resident Evil 2 proves to be the scariest and bloody game in the series , it has never excessive direction and it's all about emphasizing the harsh conditions of the desperate situation.

Initially, though the inadequate weapons are concerned, there are methods that can only give you superiority in your struggle . With good shots to block the speed and attacks of the zombies, you can smash enemies into pieces and set up barricades to prevent them from entering the windows from outside. While there are workarounds to long-term problems that may happen to you, a little help can help.
You can turn to tactics that work better, but Resident Evil 2 will come up with new challenges. In one of the more tense encounters of the game, Tyrant , a fearsome being with echoing footsteps, will cross your path. Although it is still a serious enemy in the old game, it is a permanent threat that actively pursues you at key points of the story with its impressive power. Not enough to run and hide in another room, because the enemy is troublesome to resume the chase does not leave you after me.

If you manage to get enough distance and get out of sight, you can get over it, but it remains hidden in the dark. With this dynamic, Tyrant also creates common enemies that you take once again to become real threats. With this dynamic, Tyrant also creates common enemies once again to become a threat . It is only a matter of time before you turn the corner and encounter a group of zombies while trying to focus on the enemies that follow you.

Resident Evil contains 2 weeks of challenges resident evil 2
While Tyrant offers an annoying surprise at some important moments, there are other times that make it feel even more satisfying and interrupt the pace of Resident Evil 2. It is frustrating that Tyrant and zombies often appear when you try to buy items in a room or solve a puzzle . Sometimes it may be an annoying routine when attempting to get away with horror scenes, and sometimes attempting to remove it. In such cases , it also feels like you are using Tyrant's limited artificial intelligence . Even if you get rid of your notorious enemy, its presence remains a constant reminder of the dizzying threat in the game.

It keeps things tight by constantly supporting Capcom Resident Evil 2 . In addition to the tension-distorting references, there is also an unlockable content pack for Leon and Claire , including the classic RE2 costumes that will come . After completing the story with both characters , you can play as Hunk and TofuYou will unlock the “The 4th Survivor” and “The Tofu Survivor” bonus modes. In addition to having challenging encounters in both scenarios, I can say that Tofu's mode is the most difficult in the entire game. Also great survival-horror in the main game story they give the chance to relax against the hordes of creatures without worrying about their mechanics.

Resident Evil 2 Hunk and Tofu resident evil 2

Resident Evil 2 is not just a remake, it's a new experience in the series

Resident Evil 2 is not just a revamped version of the original game. It is also a powerful horror game that addresses some of the best games in the series. First of all, renewal is one of the rare games that fully covers the experience of survival horror, and is not breathtaking until the end of the story . Although Resident Evil 2's history is based on solid roots; turned into a brand new, unique game. If you are interested in the series or want to catch it from somewhere, it could not be a better start.