Heavy Duty Challenge Will Launch in the Fourth Quarter of 2021

Heavy Duty Challenge is an off-road simulation game developed by Nano Game s that will be released for PC on Steam in the fourth quarter of 2021 . Being the organizer of Europa Truck Trial, Jurgen Funke expressed his ideas about the game next to Podcast yesterday.

Heavy Duty Challenge is a challenging, non-racing motorsport game where truck drivers prove their skills by overcoming difficult terrain and obstacles. Pass through the rocky areas of European quarries and finish each level with more precision and better skill than your rivals.
In the game, you can experience authentic terrain driving simulation and drive 12 real trucks, each with a unique cabin view. Moreover, 5 real places from the real truck track areas have been recreated in the game and the players will compete on the same track as this created fact.

Various customization options, realistic terrain, physics and deformable terrain, lifelike visual and sound effects will be waiting for the players to improve the game experience . In the game, players will have a total of 7 different camera angles, both inside and outside the vehicle, with 2 perspectives of vehicles.


Mid-Set Update of Teamfight Tactics Galaxies Released

Riot Games continues to bring innovations and updates to the automated war game Teamfight Tactics (TFT) . Bringing a mid-set update to the Galaxies, the latest set of Teamfight Tactics, Riot offers players many innovations, from new content to mobile performance improvements.

Riot Games' much loved auto war game has reached more than 80 million players since its debut in 2019, and created great excitement by adapting the game to mobile platforms. Riot Games brings a mid-set update to the Teamfight Tactics: Galaxies set, which seems to raise gamers' excitement even more with many new content.

What innovations will the TFT Galaxies mid-set update arrive ?

  • A new seasonal season with a reset
  • Graduated rewards in the debut set, Rise of the Elements and the first season of Galaxies
  • A brand new Galaxies Card that will come with an arena, claws, eggs, and emoticons
  • Three new tiny legends
  • Mobile performance improvements
  • A brand new Mobile Store
With the new season, a free Galaxies Card and a receivable Galaxies Special Card are coming. Players will be able to receive the special card for 1295 RP shortly after the 10.12 Patch is released . Special contents in the New Galaxies Card; Arena, Emoticons, Craps and Tiny Legends.

TFT Galaxies Origin And Class Changes

  • Heavenly : All teammates heal by (2) 15%, (4) 40%, (6) 99% of the damage they inflict.
  • Timebender : All teammates gain 15% Attack Speed every (2) 8, (4) 3.5, (6) 1.5, (8) 0.75 seconds.
  • CyberneticsCybernetics with one item gains 35 Attack Damage and 350 Health (6) 60 Attack Damage and 600 Health.
  • Infinite Darkness : Infinite dark units gain (2) 8, (4) 20, (6) 35, (8) 60 Attack Damage and Ability Power when a teammate is killed.


No Man's Sky Will Get Cross Platform Support Tomorrow

Hello Games ever expanding space simulation game in No Man's Sky this month,  Xbox One and PC Game Pass ' to  announced that it will now update with the game and this cross-platform (crossplatform) support will come.

According to the news of Eurogamer , No Man's Sky has experienced a huge increase in the number of players, with the addition of Game Pass launch , updates in the past few months and especially the multiplayer playability feature. After that, while the developers continue to add and develop content to the game regularly, a statement made by the game's developer, Hello Games, reported that the platform will come with cross-platform support.

"We quietly overhaul the game's network backend to fit all versions of the game on a single multiplayer base, " said Hello Games . To this end, players on all platforms , whether on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Steam, GOG, Windows 10, or VR , will be able to meet on No Man's Sky's Nexus to take on missions or explore the universe together. The update will arrive on June 11, 2020 tomorrow.
With the crossplatform feature coming from tomorrow, all players will now be able to play together on a single platform. Also, with the update to be released tomorrow, it will be added to many in-game improvements as well as crossplatform feature.