GrandChase Getting Started Guide

Our game called GrandChase appears as a mobile RPG game . They developed the game, which was not very popular when it first came out, with updates and made it perfect. A great adventure will be waiting for you in this game. In addition to nearly 100 missions, many activities are waiting for you in the game. So if I just start this game, will I have a hard time? As with any game, of course you will have difficulty if you start without knowing anything. But now you're in the right place.

In this article titled GrandChase start guide , you will find many tactics and tips especially for beginners. In this way, you will progress without difficulty in the game and you will get maximum pleasure. Let's move on to our topic.

GrandChase Getting Started Guide

Since our game is an RPG type game, it also hosts many characters. Well, which one is good and which suits me, you can say how. You can try all the characters in the game in the Practice section that is in practice. In this way, you can identify the characters you need to focus on and try to get them. This was one of the important things we should know first.


The game also added a nice system against players. The game has daily and weekly rewards. While you can get some just by logging into the game, you have to do some tasks to get some. The tasks are not too difficult. Meanwhile, the game offers occasional good prizes. To check them, be sure to check the mailbox in the game. If you complete the weekly tasks completely, you get an S class character at the weekend.

Also, another way to win prizes is to create character groups. So these are from the same team. The game gives you plenty of gems if you get them. You can earn 1500-2000 gems. You can see these characters in "Collection" in the game and learn which ones are missing.


What does one hand have, the voice of two hands works here successfully. If you join the clan, you can speed up the development of your characters. You can exchange things called character development blocks in the clan and get them for free. In this way, you can make the characters stronger by increasing their levels.

Adventurer Mark

What does Adventurer Mark do? With Adventurer Mark you open award chests. So it is very important. There is an easy way to earn this for free. Add lots of friends and send Adventurer Mark to each other every day. In this way, you can get it quickly. Normally this currency is sold for a fee. But this way you can easily get it.

We are at the end of the guide on GrandChase. If there is anything you want to ask, you can ask by commenting. Ll see.


NIOH 2 Game Review

Game Type: Action, slash, Role playin game
Producer: Team Ninja
Publisher: Koei Tecmo

Nioh 2 was shared to us game lovers in 2007. The game that came up with Plastation 4 managed to take its place among computer games after a while. I can say that it managed to win the appreciation of the players with the historical places of Japan and the game-specific weapon and fighting system.

nioh 2 review guide

          What changes will be made in the game compared to the past? What changes have been made with the Nioh 2 update? How will the story of the Nioh 2 Game be? You can find the answer to your questions like this in our review guide.

          When Nioh first came out, it was in 1600s. I can say that the game with nioh 2 took place in 1555. 

Nioh 2 Short Story 

          Our main hero, who is the child of a human father yokai mother, meets us as a living samurai by hunting down enemy yokans. In Japanese culture, it is described as an enemy captured by evil spirits about yokais. With Nioh 2, this means we will see plenty of yokes. Start story of the game We start the game as a mercenary alongside a trader. First of all, let's give the answer to our question above, we can say that the story of the Game is weak as there are disconnections in the story of the game. We continue the game by trying to find people due to the events that happened to our family by serving our merchant with our hero and our army and our lord. The hero creation system is really detailed We can design our hero in a way that belongs to that period. 

How to Play Nioh 2 ?

I can say that friends who played nioh before will get used to the game immediately. With Nioh game, weapon features, attack effects according to the way we hold the gun, and weapon tree to be developed still exist in the game, only different features for our samurai and yokai abilities. My favorite novelty in our game is the powers of yoka in shiftling mode. You become an amazing hero by turning into our hero yokai. With the spirit we choose in Yokai mode, we have different weapons and skills. Yokai helps us in the wars we will carry out in the next levels. With the Yokai powers, the number of items collected in one has also increased. It is possible to find 11 different types of weapons, special armor sets and more in this game. 

For those who say it is not difficult to play Nioh 2, you enter the graves of war with your team with the features brought. You can bring a copy of your hero to fight in the graves. Of course, in these progressive levels, facilitated mode continues to some extent. As the game continues, there are monsters with more health, and there are enemies that can cause a lot of damage. 

It is inevitable to say that the Nioh 2 Chart  is at a sufficient level. It is possible to play with 1080p 30 fps in Movie mode.
If you have played and liked the souls style games with Nioh 2 review, I can say that this game is for you.