10 Contemporary Living Room

Contemporary interiors are often thought of as being ultra minimal with an abundance of razor-sharp lines, graphic prints and high-shine materials and surfaces. It’s talked of as being dynamic and daring. It’s praised for pushing boundaries and its mastery of light and reflection. It’s criticised for being stark and clinical.

All of these points are certainly true of contemporary interiors, but there are more layers to it than that. It is a design movement reflective of the here and now, representing a breakaway from traditional decoration.

As you journey through the centuries of interior design styles and influences, from Neoclassical and Rococo to Mid-Century and Shaker, there’s a constant sway between ornamentation and bare, curves and straight lines, and ornate carvings versus geometric cut-outs. But ironically, these historical periods of design will have been contemporary at one point. Contemporary design is about innovation and change that presents us with something fresh, different and, at times, disruptive from what we’ve seen before.

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